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In today's article, we will discuss how to lose belly fat, one of the major concerns of fitness. It's a very popular topic and you may find several articles and videos on it, but mark my words, this one is going to solve all your queries in one place. We will provide information on every aspect of fat loss.

Diet, Exercises, Methods, Spot Reduction, Fat Loss Foods, and Practical Examples. You will not need to search anymore on this topic after reading this article. Also, we are going to provide you a list of 32 foods that burn belly fat fast. So, stay tuned till the end!

Lose Belly Fat

What is Belly Fat?
It is the abdominal fat that is around your stomach area. If it exceeds the normal levels, it can cause serious health problems in your lifestyle. At a certain point, it becomes necessary to lose belly fat to prevent these problems. Also, it is sometimes referred to as "stubborn fat" because you may lose fat from all parts of the body, but it gets difficult to lose belly fat.

Another problem that I have heard from many people is when they start bulking, they gain too much belly fat. It happens with me too and is very common among many people. Most people have a tendency to gain the majority of the body fat in their abdominal region. This is why it happens. 

Is spot reduction possible?
Spot reduction is reducing the fat from a particular body part. If you will ask, how to remove fat from just my belly region, it is asking for spot reduction. Let's clear the myth today here itself.

The first thing you need to know is that there is nothing such as spot reduction. If you want to lose belly fat, you have to cut fat from your whole body and drop your fat percentage. As soon as your body will start to lose fat, the belly fat automatically starts to decrease. 


People often search "how to lose belly fat overnight", but let me tell you here itself, it is a long process and you need to be patient! Nothing can be achieved overnight or in a day. You have to follow all these tips consistently and be patient to see the results. If you do so, results are guaranteed because nothing is difficult to achieve when you do hard work to achieve it.

Lose Belly Fat

Calorie Deficit
As it is often said, Diet is 70% and Workout is 30% for acquiring any fitness goal, diet plays the primary role here to lose belly fat. You need to focus on your calorie intake on a daily basis. A calorie deficit means eating lesser calories than maintenance calories. In simple words, it is eating lesser calories than those burned by our body. Therefore, when Intake < Burning , you start to lose fat. If you still not know how to calculate your maintenance calories, you can check my post:

First, you need to calculate the maintenance calories for your body. Then, you have to start eating 400-500 lesser calories than it. This is called being on a calorie deficit. As soon as you do so, your body will start dropping fat levels. When the overall body fat level drops, the fat from the belly region will gradually start reducing. 

Continue reading as I am also going to share a belly fat diet plan below. This post is going to be a little longer because I will try to clear each and every doubt for you guys on this topic on how to lose belly fat. You can start your weight loss journey right away!

Physical Activeness
You need to stay active physically a bit more than the others. We all know how important it is to exercise on a regular basis to stay fit and healthy. Exercises and workouts will help you burn some extra calories and fasten up the process to lose belly fat. Try to spend at least 1 hour of the day to do some form of workout. It can be cardio or strength training as you wish. 

Lose Belly Fat

Also, being active not necessarily means belly fat workout. You can walk down to nearby places instead of using your car. Walking is a very good activity for health. Take the stairs instead of elevators. These are some simple tricks or hacks you can do in your daily lifestyle to remain active and burn an extra bunch of calories. 

Reducing Sugary Foods
The next step which comes is reducing the intake of foods that are high in sugar. High sugary foods are often bad for our health and can lead to unwanted weight gain. Foods that I am asking you to remove from your diet include desserts, biscuits, sweets, sugar-sweetened drinks, sugary-sodas, cakes, etc. 

If you got a craving for these foods just by reading about it, you seriously need to control yourself! Every fitness goal demands sacrifice, and this is a sacrifice that you have to make at any cost in order to lose belly fat.

Lose Belly Fat

Check the label before buying any outside foods, it should not contain any refined sugars. By doing this little step, you are also safeguarding yourself from a very common disease called diabetes. 

If you love to eat foods like cake a lot, let me remind you, 100 grams of cake contains 31 grams of sugar. Yes, you heard it right! If you do not believe me you can Google by yourself. This is the reason I want you to eliminate these sorts of foods from your diet.

Cardio - Empty Stomach
This is one of the major hacks to lose belly fat. You need to include some form of cardio in your daily routine and it needs to be on an "empty stomach". The reason why I am saying to do it on an empty stomach is that the body uses our fat cells to provide energy for the workout at that time. Therefore, it will help you to lose your fat fast. 

Lose Belly Fat

You can do any form of cardio including running, jogging, cycling, skipping, swimming, stair climbers, etc. All we have to do is burn calories to lose belly fat. These are just a few, there is n number of cardio exercises available which you can choose from. 

You can also form a group of friends to go cycling in the morning. Believe me, you will feel a great change inside yourself if you follow this routine. The kind of energy you get by breathing the fresh air in the morning is just amazing. Before judging anything, just give it a try yourself!

Divide Meals
You may be having 3 meals per day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you try to lose belly fat, it is very important to eat in small quantities, so that there is no excess food left to get converted into fat and get deposited in our body. Therefore, I would advise dividing your overall diet into 6 different meals throughout the day, being:

  • Breakfast
  • Mid Day Snack
  • Lunch
  • Pre Workout
  • Post Workout
  • Dinner

In this way, you can have food at time intervals and also not gain excess fat. Eating in small quantities in 6 different meals throughout the day helps in better weight management as the body gets ample time to absorb and digest the food as we stay active in the day time.

Track Calories
You may assume this part to be very difficult, but believe me, it has become very easy with the generation of smartphones. All you need is a weightloss app just like MyFitnessPal. It will help you to track the calories throughout the day that you consume and lose belly fat. 

As in the above tips, you have calculated your calories to consume in the day, you just need to enter that in the app. Also, a few details like height, weight, etc would be asked when you signup for the app. That's all, you are good to go! Some of these apps also have features that can help you find some belly fat exercise. 

Lose Belly Fat

Then, whenever you eat something, just go to the app, type the food item, and enter the quantity in which you ate it. It will automatically tell how many calories you consumed in that meal and also the macros specifically. Also, it will show you how many calories in the form of protein, carbs, and fats are left for you to consume in the day. In this way, you will be able to stay on track with your daily calorie needs and achieve your fitness goal. Do not skip this step as it's a very important one.

No Junk Foods 
You can have cheat meals once 15 days, if you want, and can't control at all. However, if you want faster results to lose belly fat, I would say avoid them. It depends on your controlling capability and conscience. Junk Foods like pizza, burger, noodles, etc contain unhealthy fats and a ton of calories which can completely hamper your daily calorie intake requirement and instead, lead to weight gain due to the extra calories. 

Lose Belly Fat
Image Source - Google 

Let's understand this in a simpler way. For example, see this picture. It shows the number of calories present in a Pizza. Suppose you ate half of the pizza alone. By applying simple Maths, you ate 2269/2 = 1135 calories. 

That's just one single meal of the day and you consumed 1135 calories in it. That's how eating junk foods can lead to weight gain due to these extra calories present in single servings. So now it's your call, how bad do you want to lose belly fat?

Keeping Dinner Light
Dinner is the last meal of the day generally for most of us. We have to take care of it effectively to lose belly fat fast. After dinner, we go to sleep after some time. If you consume a lot of calories in the form of carbs and fats in the dinner, the body gets no time to utilize it as you directly go to sleep. Therefore, it may get converted into fat and lead to weight gain.

Therefore, it is suggested to take most of the calories in your active time throughout the day when it gets a chance to get burned consecutively. Try to keep the dinner lighter than most of the other meals. You have to manage the total calories of the day in an effective manner so as to lose belly fat.

Healthy Snacking
As I mentioned above the 6 meal strategy to diet, it contains a snack meal too. Make the most out of it by consuming some healthy snacks instead of bad ones. In this way, you can satisfy your cravings and stay on track to lose belly fat too. Regarding healthy snacks for the fitness routine, I have already written a post. It contains various snacks, both veg and non-veg, and the recipes too. You can have a look at it: Healthy Snack Ideas

Lose Belly Fat

Some examples of healthy snacks include almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanut butter sandwiches, chickpeas salad, greek yogurt. These can help you fulfill your hunger cravings between meals and also not lose track of fitness at the same time.

Include Complex Carbs
There are basically two types of carbs, simple and complex. Let's learn which one to prefer and choose in order to lose belly fat. Simple carbs constitute of basic sugars, which are an essential source of energy. Some natural simple carbs are found in fruits and milk whereas the ones that are found in processed items such as desserts, candies are refined sugars. 

Lose Belly Fat

Complex carbs are best to include in a diet to lose belly fat and can be obtained from whole grains, starch vegetables, which usually takes more time to get absorbed by the body.

In simple words, if you want to lose belly fat, you have to take the primary source of calories from the complex carbs as they are the good ones. They get absorbed slowly by the body and give energy for a longer time. Also, they do not get converted into fat so easily. Therefore, try to complete most of your daily carb goals by adding sources of complex carbs like oats, whole wheat flour, corn, legumes, etc in your diet. Also, reduce the intake of simple carbs such as sugar-sweetened sodas, pastries, cakes, desserts, ice creams, etc.

Not all simple carbs are bad, some are good too. For example, fruits and milk. No need to cut off these simple carbs from your diet. They can also help you lose belly fat. Now as you know the difference between the two, it will be easy to choose the foods to include or exclude from your diet plan.

Lose Belly Fat

Water Intake
Drinking enough water daily is important regardless of your goal. Be it weight loss or gain or anything, you have to drink at least 3-5 liters of water daily. It helps to supply the nutrients we consume to various parts of the body. One of the best routines is to drink 500 ml of water as soon as you get up in the morning. It helps to kick start the metabolism process of the body and also makes you feel fresh.

Several studies show that it can help to lose belly fat by flushing out toxins from the body. Apart from that, water also plays a great role in improving the health of our skin, kidney, liver. If you want to know more about the importance of water intake in your daily lifestyle, read this article: Benefits of drinking water

Avoid Processed Foods
Processed food are those which have been cooked and frozen, or preserved after cooking by adding different chemicals. Examples include packed noodles, chips, candies, cookies, and other fancy foods.

These foods often have much higher calories than regular foods. The reason is that a lot of sugar and salt are added to these while preparation. You have to remove any of these processed foods from your diet to lose belly fat fast. It is again one sacrifice and control which you have to make to improve your health. Health is considered the biggest wealth, we have to take care of it for the whole life.


Lose Belly Fat

Now we will talk about belly fat exercise in this section. As we read above how important it is to exercise on a daily basis, now the question comes what exercise to do for belly fat? I will take care of both the parties here - 1. The ones with gym access 2. The home workout lovers

For the people who are having access to the gym, these are the exercises you must include. People often think in order to lose fat, they just need to keep running on the treadmill for hours. This is not the case, there are exercises that can help you lose fat much faster than running and also help you tone and build muscles at the same time. These exercises will help burn a lot of calories than regular cardio and thus lose belly fat fast. Check this article for the list of exercises: 5 best exercises to lose fat fast

Now, for those who are preferring home workouts, these are the must-do exercises:

Lose Belly Fat

Planks (Best) - Planks help to lose belly fat, strengthen the core, improve body balance and flexibility.
Crunches - Particularly focus on core muscles and help to cut fat from the abdomen area.
Burpee - A great calorie-burning cardio exercise that can be done anywhere and improves heart health.
Squats - One of the best exercises for the whole body and to be done by everyone.
Skipping - Simple and effective cardio exercise which improves stamina too.
Leg Raises - Focuses on the lower abdominal area, targets lower abs.
Running - Old school cardio exercises good for stamina, heart health and to lose belly fat.
Cycling - A 70 Kg person cycling burns 300 calories in 30 minutes!
Jogging - Great for every age group and can easily be done by older people too.
Mountain climbers - A good movement to increase heart rate and lose belly fat.
Pushups - Target's upper body mainly, but also strengthens the core, i.e, the belly region.
Russian Twists - Helps to strengthen and tone the obliques, which is the side region of your stomach.

These exercises can be done by anyone and can help burn off some extra calories. The formula to lose fat is simple, you have to burn more calories than you eat and these will help you do so.


Lose Belly Fat

There is nothing so complicated about a diet that many people may think. Just some simple changes are needed with patience which can help you achieve any goal. These are the things to follow while making a diet plan to lose belly fat:
  • Include fiber-rich foods
  • Remove unhealthy fats 
  • Include healthy fats
  • Keep the protein high
  • Keep the carbs low
  • Include more of fruits, veggies, and salad

Now, here is a super healthy list of 32 foods that burn belly fat fast

1. Oats
2. Coffee (helps lose belly fat by increasing metabolism)
3. Green Tea
4. Chickpeas
5. Yogurt
6. Olive Oil 
7. Eggs
8. Sweet Potato
9. Low Fat Milk
10. Pistachios
11. Peas
12. Blueberries
13. Kidney Beans
14. Whey Protein
15. Apple Cider Vinegar
16. Whole Grains
17. Quinoa
18. Spinach
19. Avocados
20. Bananas
21. Pumpkin
22. Lentils
23. Almonds 
24. Raspberries
25. Walnuts
26. Onions
27. Peanut Butter
28. Tomatoes
29. Cucumber
30. Carrots
31. Lemon
32. Oranges

So, these were the 32 foods that burn belly fat fast. Now, I am going to show you guys a sample belly fat diet plan for fat loss/weight loss. This is just one, you can make several changes in it according to your preferences and taste. 

The main is the trick which I told you above, i.e, Calculate your calorie needs - Plan your meals by including the items listed above - Track your calories in a weightloss app to stay on track and achieve the daily calorie goals. Consistency with these things can help you get quick results to lose belly fat.

That was all for the topic. I hope this article will clear all your doubts. Now if someone asks you how to lose belly fat in a week, you will have the answer! You just have to stay motivated and consistent with these tips, exercises, and diet. You will soon see the results if you follow each and everything mentioned above with constant enthusiasm and positivity. Share this post with your friends and family and help them get fit too! Let us know about any feedback in the comment section below.

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