5 Best Shoulder Exercises for Definition

In today's article I will share the 5 best shoulder exercises for definition which will be useful for improving the roundness of your shoulders. An aesthetic physique looks good with muscular 3D shoulders. You should include these exercises in your weekly workout routine. Make sure to train each muscle at least twice a week for seeing good results. Lets’ begin then.


Best Shoulder Exercises

The first exercise which is great for shoulder development is front military press. Military press is a compound movement and it promotes development of muscle mass in the delts. It also targets your triceps to some extent. I have added a little variation here for you all. Lets’ see what that variation is. 

  • Before starting the set, we need to check the distance between our hands.
  • The distance should be a little more than the width of your shoulders. 
  • You cannot take your hands too wide apart.
  • Now just lift the bar over your head. 
  • Hold it there for a second and squeeze your shoulder muscles. 
  • Bring down slowly, lift again. 
  • Breathe out while lifting and perform the full range of motion. 
  • Try to do 10-12 repetitions. 
  • As soon as your repetitions are complete, keep the bar down and take two dumbbells of light weight. 
  • Just hold them for 20 seconds. Not too up or down, right in front of the shoulders. 
  • This completes one set and similarly you need to perform 3 sets.


Best Shoulder Exercises

The second exercise which we are going to perform in our 5 best shoulder exercises series is arnold press. It is a very basic and useful exercise for shoulder development. 

It will help in the toning and strength building of the deltoids. As it involves rotation of the arms during the movement, it targets more than just one head. 

Usually, people perform this exercise wrong and lack shoulder definition. So let's learn how to perform it correctly. 

  • Sit with your back straight and hold the dumbbells near your ears.
  • Then, lift the dumbbells completely so that you are able to squeeze your shoulder muscles properly.
  • Rotate the dumbbell while going up and down.
  • Breathe out when you lift up the dumbbell and make sure you perform the full range of motion with the dumbbell in your control.
  • Try to perform 10-12 repetitions in a controlled manner. This completes one set.
  • You have to perform 3 sets of this exercise.


Best Shoulder Exercises

Now we will do front raises with dumbbells. It is one of the best shoulder workout for mass and definition. The front portion of the delts are trained by this exercise. 

A lot of people do this exercise wrong by the way they actually lift the weight, they're just jerking it. This is the reason they lack 3d delts.

  • So what you're going to do is stand straight, look towards the mirror, and lift one arm at a time.
  • You're going to breathe out as you exert the force. 
  • Keep a neutral spine and your wrist straight. 
  • Bring it up just about to the level of your chin and then come down. 
  • So that's how you do a front dumbbell raise.

Best Shoulder Exercises

You can add a little variation to this exercise when you are bored of performing it with dumbbells for a long time. You can also use a PLATE to perform this exercise. 


Best Shoulder Exercises

Side raises are going to target your lateral delts, which is the middle portion of your shoulder muscles. It works a little bit of traps as well. 

Remember to NOT keep your arms fully straight while performing this exercise, otherwise you may damage your joint. 

Keep a little bend in the elbows and maintain the bend during the whole set while going up and down.

  • All you have to do is grab a pair of dumbbells and stand up straight. 
  • You can start this exercise by raising the dumbbells off by your side and lifting them straight up. 
  • Keep your shoulder blades pinched, your elbows bend, and bend your knees a little bit.
  • You're going to breathe out as you exert force that means get the dumbbells just up to your neck level or where your chin is and then bring it back down. 
  • That's how you do dumbbell raises.


Best Shoulder Exercises

Here comes the most ignored part of our shoulder muscles, the rear delt exercises. They are the muscles on the backside of our shoulders. 

Rear delt flyes play a great role in developing your shoulder muscles and providing that 3D round look. Also, a lot of people do all the best rear delt exercises wrong as they activate their trap muscles while doing it. 

Let's learn the correct way to do it.

  • Sit on the rear delt fly machine or the butterfly machine if it has this adjustment. 
  • Now, grip the handles and move them using your arms.
  • Feel the contraction on the rear delts of your shoulders.
  • Stabilize your shoulder blades while performing the movement and do not go backwards beyond the point as shown in the picture.
  • If you do this exercise correctly, you will feel a massive pump in your rear delts.


This was our article on best shoulder exercises for definition for today and I hope you all like it. If you liked it, do not forget to tell me how you felt after performing these shoulder exercises in the comment box below. Also, do tell us what you want to see in our upcoming posts. Quickly share this topic with your friends. Till then take care of yourself, your family and your health. Goodbye!

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