8 Important Exercises for Muscle Building

Greetings to everyone! Today, we will discuss the 8 important exercises for muscle building that you must do in gym. Irrespective of your goal, you must always include these in your weekly workout routine. These are mostly compound exercises which will help you build muscles and lose fat. Let’s get started then.


The first exercise is bent over rowing. This is very useful for the strengthening of our upper back and lats. Apart from back muscles, it also helps to develop your biceps as whenever we train our back, biceps work as the secondary muscles.

8 important exercises for muscle building

  • You need to stand with feet at a normal distance, not too close not too wide, this will give you a good stance and better balance.
  • Lift the bar with your hands little wider than shoulder width apart. 
  • Soften your knees and lift the bar as you lift during a deadlift. Bend down to about 45 degrees from your pelvic bone before starting, knees softened. 
  • Now just lift the bar towards your lower abs. 
  • Squeeze your upper back when you bring the bar up and then release it slowly. Breathe out while pulling the bar and breathe in while lowering it down.


The second exercise is flat bench press. One of the old school exercise which is still the best when it comes to chest and triceps muscle development. It also works the front delts that are the front portion of your shoulder muscles. A workout routine is incomplete without this exercise. Let’s learn how to correctly perform this exercise. 

8 important exercises for muscle building

  • Place your feet on the ground when you lie on the bench. Do not keep it up on the bench, it's a wrong form of practice.
  • Then, form an arch in your back to activate the chest muscles. The grip should be a little wider than shoulder width. 
  • Bring the bar down. Because we want to train our chest muscle, try to focus the muscle while bringing the bar up and down. This is called making a mind-muscle connection.
  • Breathe out when you lift the bar. Perform this important exercises is a controlled way for more activation and muscle gains.


The third out of important exercises for muscle building which I don’t want you all to miss from your weekly workout routine is shoulder press / military press. This exercise trains your shoulder muscles, so focus on shoulders only while performing it.

8 important exercises for muscle building

  • Take a bar with weights according to your own capacity and grip it at shoulder width. 
  • Lift the bar and push upwards.
  • Breathe out and hold it above your head for one second. 
  • Bring it down slowly and lift again. 


The fourth of the important exercises which you must include is barbell curls for biceps muscles. It is one of the best exercise for biceps.

8 important exercises for muscle building

  • To perform it, grip the bar at shoulder width. Tighten your core and keep your chest lifted throughout. 
  • Then lift the bar, squeeze your biceps muscle. 
  • Then release the bar slowly. Keep in mind that your upper body shouldn’t bend forward and you shouldn’t jerk to lift the bar up. 
  • The lifting and releasing speed should be similar. Focus while you bring it down slowly, do not just drop it.
  • Breathe out when you lift the bar.


The fifth exercise in the must-do list is Deadlift. This is one of the best compound exercises which helps in the development of our whole body. It is a multi-joint movement which works almost every muscle in the body. 

You can see some serious fat loss results as it is a high calorie burning exercise. If you want to know about how to deadlift properly in detail, you can check this article.

8 important exercises for muscle building

  • To perform, stand close to the bar. The width of your feet should be the width of your hips.  
  • Lift your chest and soften your knees. Lift the bar while bringing it closer to your body and breathe out. 
  • Similarly go down slowly and keep the bar as close to your body as you can.
  • Keep your chest lifted. Then repeat. 
  • Squeeze your hips when you stand straight as well. 
  • Perform it in a controlled way so that you can avail the benefits of this exercise. 

As I previously mentioned that you must involve these 8 important exercises for muscle building in your weekly workout routine irrespective of your goal. These exercises will be beneficial to you whether you are a male or female. 


The sixth exercise which I have selected is the mother of all exercises called squats. Weighted squats are one of the best compound exercises which can help you build muscles, lose fat and boost testosterone, which is the muscle building hormone.

8 important exercises for muscle building

  • Whenever you lift the bar place it on your shoulder properly. 
  • The distance between your feet will be shoulder width and your feet should be facing outwards. 
  • Then bend your pelvic a little and go down. 
  • Go down only till the parallel level, not below that. 
  • Now come back up and go down again. 
  • Your quads muscle is involved here so focus on the legs. 
  • And push from your quads when you come up. 
  • Core should be tightened and chest lifted. Breathe out when you come up.

I am sure there will be a lot of beginners who will include these in their weekly schedules. My request to all those people is that as safety comes first, always use a belt while performing heavy exercises. And for those who are already working out for a long time, they too should keep their safety as their priority. 


The seventh of most important exercises which you should perform is skull crushers for triceps muscle. It will work on the long head of the triceps and help build some serious muscle mass.

8 important exercises for muscle building

  • To perform, use an EZ bar and grip it closely. Lie down on a flat bench. 
  • Then slowly bring the bar down to your forehead.
  • Then push the bar up using and involving your triceps muscle. 
  • Perform this exercise in a controlled way for better triceps activation.
  • Breathe out when you push the bar up. 


The eighth exercise which I have included here is planks. This is very beneficial for our overall body along with the core. It will help build your core strength, stamina, lose belly fat and improve posture.

8 important exercises for muscle building

  • The correct way to do it is hold your body on your arms and toes parallel to the ground. 
  • Your lower back shouldn’t be too close or too high up the ground.
  • Keep your hips squeezed.
  • Then just hold and start counting to keep a track of how long you can hold. You can use your mobile phone to time your sets.

These were the 8 important exercises for muscle building that you must do in gym. Try to always fit these exercises in your workout schedule as they are compound movements which can help you build muscles and lose fat. These 8 exercises cover the muscles of your full body. If you liked the post, do share it with your friends and stay tuned for more such content.

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