Full Body Home Workout with Dumbbells

We all know that what situation it is going on right now in various countries all over the world. Also, it won't be wrong to judge that it is not going to go so easily. 

In this scenario, where it is certainly difficult for most of us to hit the gyms, full body home workout serve as a good option. 

Full body home workout with dumbbells

Many of us are having dumbbells at home, if not you can get them. Not more, just two of them will be enough. 

This post is going to be helpful for all of those who are having some weights at home and want to do some home exercises. 

It is important that we keep track of our fitness levels during this time when it is difficult to go to the gyms so as to maintain our aesthetics.

This is going to be a full body home workout with dumbbells. You can do it 5 to 6 times a week. In this series, we are going to train both upper and lower body separately. 

First we are going to train the whole upper body without any rest, then we will continue with lower body after taking a 2 minute rest in between. Do these exercises for 10 to 12 repetitions. 


Full body home workout with dumbbells

Start with some dynamic stretches and warm up like:
  • Arm rotations
  • Hip circles
  • Lunges
  • Shoulder rotations
  • Neck rotations
  • Spot jumps
  • Jumping Jacks

You can also do light jogging as a part of full body workout routine if you are having space on terrace etc! A warm-up is a must before starting the exercises so as to prevent injury. 

According to a study, dynamic stretching and effective warm ups before a full body workout routine can help improve your overall performance by 1.5x


Overhead shoulder press
Full body home workout with dumbbells

This exercise in our full body home workout can really help you achieve those strong and broad shoulders. You can perform this exercise seated or standing. 

Keep your back straight and do it in a slow and controlled manner. It also helps to work your triceps and upper back muscles along with shoulders.

One arm triceps extension
Full body home workout with dumbbells

Lift dumbbell in one hand and start the movement as shown in the picture. The dumbbell should come right behind your head while lowering it down. 

This exercise can target your all three heads of the triceps muscles

Side raises
Full body home workout with dumbbells

It works on the middle portion of the delts in this full body workout routine. This exercise can help you achieve those round 3D shoulders by working the lateral delts. 

Keep your elbows slightly bent towards front so that it doesn't damage your rotator cuffs. Bring the dumbbells down slowly so as to maximize the gains.

This exercise can also be performed using a resistance band. Just stand on the resistance band in the middle portion and hold its two sides. Raise the arms until parallel with ground.

Dumbbell curls
Full body home workout with dumbbells

This is one of the most common exercises for biceps. It works a single joint and can be done both ways, seated or standing. 

Do not swing your body while doing this. Try maintaining a mind muscle connection while performing the exercise.

Front raises
Full body home workout with dumbbells

It works the front delts, which is the front portion of your shoulders. Do not go too heavy in this exercise, rather focus on doing it correctly with good form.

Flat dumbbell chest press
It is same as the Flat bench press in our full body home workout series. Lie on a mat on the floor. Keep your legs folded and try to make a arc in the back by retracting your shoulders. 

Try to press the dumbbells up using your chest muscles. Hold the dumbbells up for a second and squeeze your chest. Bring down the weight slowly and repeat.

Bent over dumbbell rows

Full body home workout with dumbbells

It is the variation of the bent over rows which is primarily done with a barbell. The primary muscle worked during this movement is upper back. 

Lean forward and start the movement by rowing the dumbbells to do the full body workout routine.

It is the time you should take 2 minutes rest. Then we will begin with the lower body. Drink water, after all its summer time. It is important more than anything to keep yourself hydrated during this heat!


Dumbbell squats

Full body home workout with dumbbells

Squats is one of the best moment in our full body home workout that we can do for growing our leg muscles. Quads and hamstrings are mainly worked during this movement. 

Keep the dumbbells up to your shoulder level and perform the regular squats.

Stiff leg deadlift
Full body home workout with dumbbells

This will involve primarily your hamstrings muscles of your leg. Start by holding your dumbbells in your both hands. 

Keep the back straight and bend using your torso until your dumbbells comes over the top of your feet. Try to maintain the knees in a stationary position unlike a normal deadlift.

Calf raises
Now comes the most ignored muscles in our leg which most of us lack to develop and grow. Strong calves looks good when you wear shorts. 

You can perform it anywhere including your stairs. Just go all the way up and come down slowly.

These exercises can surely help you maintain your fitness levels and also boost stamina when you can't hit the gym. You can easily include this full body workout routine in your daily lifestyle. 

All you need is just a pair of dumbbells for this full body home workout! Stay fit, stay safe. If you liked this post, do not forget to share it with your friends and family. 

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