Top 10 Golden Rules of Gym and Fitness

Everyone starts their journey as a beginner and learn lot of new things when they proceed. Some of these things I wish I had learned earlier! These are the 10 rules of gym and fitness one must read and follow. 

Follow a good diet plan

best rules of gym and fitness

A heavy intense workout at the gym is nothing until and unless backed up with some proper diet at home. You must consume a high protein diet as the muscles need protein for recovery and growth. There should be a balance of carbs and fats too, and by fats I mean healthy fats. You must prepare a diet chart keeping in mind that: 

  • 1 gm of protein = 4 calories
  • 1 gm of carbs = 4 calories
  • 1 gm of fat = 9 calories

Your diet depends upon your fitness goal, which can be:

Lose weight - Start a caloric deficit
Gain weight - Start a caloric surplus
Maintain weight - Consume the maintenance calories

Never do ego lifting ❌

best rules of gym and fitness

Lifting weights out of your capacity without proper form is ego lifting. Ego lifting can lead to nothing but injury. You can do some serious damage to the joints which may affect your whole life ahead. 

Keep aside your ego, pick a weight that you can handle a good form with, and perform the exercise. Fitness is a part of life, it shouldn't cost you your life! 

You must have seen guys performing exercises like bicep curls with huge weights by swinging whole body. When you use momentum by swinging your body, other muscles like shoulder and back gets engaged. It won't benefit in any way as the one muscle you want to train is dividing the loads to other muscles.

Stay hydrated
Drinking water between the sets will help you replenish all the lost fluids through sweating. As I have told in my earlier posts, our muscles contain water and thus it becomes important to maintain a good hydration level during intense workouts. You should drink at least 500 ml to 1 litre of water in an hour of workout session.

You can also go with one of the sports drink according to your taste and preference which provides good amount of electrolytes and minerals. When body loses water through sweat, it also loses electrolytes where the need arises to replenish them.

Don't skip leg days
best rules of gym and fitness
Testosterone is the hormone in our body that helps in muscle building. Leg workouts help in boosting it. Therefore, skipping a leg day may hamper your overall upper body gains too. Believe me, leg days are better than any cardio exercises like treadmills and cycling. You can burn a lot more calories during exercises like weighted squats and leg press. 

We can see many guys with improper proportion of upper-lower body muscles, which obviously doesn't look good. It is important to train every muscle group in your body equally to have an aesthetic physique, legs are one of them.

Never skip warmup
best rules of gym and fitness

Warmups help in increasing the blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles that are going to be worked in the workout. It definitely reduces the chance of any injury by rising the body temperature and making it used to an intense activity. You can start with some light jogging on treadmill and do some dynamic stretching.

Try to warmup the muscle group you are going to train that day. For example, if you are going to train chest, try doing push ups or bench press with an empty barbell to make the muscles ready for the heavy training. If you are going to do leg workout, you can do body weight squats or lunges as a warmup.

Do cool down stretching after workouts
Cool down stretching helps to relax the muscles after an intense workout session. It helps to enhance the recovery process and also reduce muscle soreness. Also, when we exercise, our heart rate rises and it is important to bring it down slowly to normal levels. Cool-down stretching plays a great role in gradually bringing down heart rate. Apart from this, it can have some vital benefits in improving your flexibility. 

You can watch some good YouTube videos for learning the cool down stretches. Check them out here

Perfect your form before increasing weight
A correct form of movement during the exercise is more important than lifting heavy loads. You must work on improving and perfecting your form when you start any sort of exercise or workout. When you are perfect and confident on the form part, you can start increasing the weights.

Some exercises which I have seen most of the people doing wrong include deadlifts and back squats. You must work on improving the form of these exercises as they have an immense impact on muscle building and fat loss.

Progressive overloading 

best rules of gym and fitness

Progressive overloading is the concept of gradually increasing the stress on the muscles week by week over time. It gives the body a signal that it should work on growing the muscles so as to lift more and more heavy weights.

It is not only done by increasing the weights, but also by:
  • Increasing the number of reps
  • Increasing the sets
  • Increasing the training frequency
  • Reducing rest between sets
  • Increasing the total volume of workout

Follow a good workout split
Workouts split can range from full body splits, bro split, upper-lower split to push pull legs split. You shall pick one according to your own time schedule, whether you want to workout 3 days a week or 6 days a week etc. An effective workout split must include to train each muscle group twice a week. 

Whenever we train a muscle, it recovers in 24-48 hours, or 72 hours at most. Then, if you are not training it again after the recovery, you are not putting enough stress on it to grow more. A 6 days push pull legs split can prove to be effective in this case. If you need a well balanced workout schedule, you can get it here.

Ensure proper sleep for muscles recovery
We as a beginner often tend to focus too much on training, but we forget to give our body proper and enough time to recover and rest. Our muscles recover and grow when we sleep. An 8 hour sleep should work perfect for most individuals. 

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