Morning vs Evening Workouts

This has been a very popular question among people. They often ask that which is the better time to workout, morning or evening. According to me it totally depends upon your preference and time schedule. 

morning vs evening workout

For instance if you are an office goer, you have to do the workout in the morning itself because after that you won't get any time. But if you are a student, you can do evening workouts too. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

I am going to list the pros and cons of both here. These are from my personal experience and may vary person to person. If you have a choice to make between both, consider these and then make your decision.


morning workouts


Better fat burning results
When we workout in the morning, stomach is empty so the body cannot use any energy from the food. Thus, the body uses energy from our fat cells. This speeds up the fat loss process unlike evening workouts where mostly the energy comes from the lunch we have had in the afternoon. 
Also, it gives a kick start to the metabolism which can help you keep burning calories throughout the day. 

High energy level whole day
Morning exercise routine can help you to keep you energized the whole day. After the exercise, the blood circulation increases and your metabolism rises. This leads to a rise in the energy level after workouts.

Refreshed mind and alertness
Morning workouts can help to keep your mind refreshed throughout the day. It helps your body to become fully alert & conscious, and to function properly the whole day. It can help increase your alertness and concentration in other routine tasks too.

Saves an extra shower!
When we generally workout in the evening, a shower becomes a must after the session due to the whole lot of sweating. This is not the case while doing it in the morning. You can do your exercises and then have the shower at once. I know this is not so relevant point, but I felt like listing it from my personal experience.


Low energy due to empty stomach
For some people, it might seem difficult to workout in the morning due to lack of energy. This is because we generally go to the gym in the morning without eating anything. As our stomach is empty, we may feel low on energy while exercising.

Less intensity and volume
It might seem a little difficult during the morning sessions to workout at high intensity. You might not be able to get as many reps as you can get in the evening sessions due to high energy levels from meals. 


evening workouts


Lifting heavy and high intensity
When we workout in the evening, the energy comes from the meals we have had throughout the day in the form of breakfasts and lunch. So, it becomes a little easy to perform heavy lifts and increase your volume and intensity due to the surplus energy.

High energy for longer workouts
You might experience that you may workout a little longer when you do it in the evening as compared to doing it in the morning. It is because we are high in energy and our body is fully active during the evening. 

Companionship and friends
It might be a little difficult to find your friends or gym partners to go with you in the morning as most of the people nowadays avoid getting up early. But this won't be a problem while working out in the evening. 

Better quality of sleep
Exercising helps you to get exhausted and tired by burning calories. It can help in improving the quality of sleep.

Release work stress
Exercising in the evening after your whole day of work may help you to release your stress and clear your mind. 


Taking out time
For some people it might be difficult to take out time in the evening for working out. sometimes you might be late from your college or job and the workout gets delayed or skipped.

Hygiene and shower
It is a must to take a shower after a heavy workout session. When we sweat, our pores in the skin gets clogged and it can lead to various hygiene problems. 

I have seen many people who exercise in the evening to skip showers due to laziness. If you want to stay fit and healthy this is not advisable at all. You must take a shower!

Closeness to bedtime
Some people who get late from work often do workouts in the night. It then become difficult to time your meals properly. Also, it is advised to have a gap of at least 2 hours between your dinner and sleeping. But due to the late workout sessions, it may get hampered and you might end up sleeping without any gap after dinner. 

A study shows that if you go to sleep directly after eating, you might end up gaining weight as the body doesn't get a chance to burn off the extra calories. Also, sometimes it can lead to bloating and stomach pains when the food doesn't get properly digested.

I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to make a choice between morning or evening workouts. At last, I would like to add that the timing doesn't matter much. All that matters is your will to do the work and consistency in doing it. As long as you are determined and consistent, you will always see results.

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