How to grow arms fast?

Many people start lifting weights so as to build big, powerful-looking arms like in the movies. 

But, you’ve also probably realized that building bigger arms is not so easy and is a much slower process than most people think it to be.

If want to know how to grow arms, you have to focus on your biceps and triceps muscles. Our arms consist of 70% triceps muscles

Most people don't know this and they end up focusing on biceps more. But the key fact is that you have to focus on your triceps more. 

grow arms fast

You can incorporate these exercises into your workout routine so as to grow your arms fast. I am listing all the effective exercises. You can incorporate them into your workout routine or schedule according to preference. Don't overdo it.

Benefits of stronger arms :-

  • Muscular arms look good on a physique and give a stronger and aesthetic look
  • Arms are required for almost every other movement
  • Stand out in your outfit. After all who doesn't like big biceps?


Triceps are the muscles on the back portion of our arms. Triceps constitute 70% of our arms muscles. So, in order to grow your arms, you must focus on you triceps. 

I am suggesting some triceps exercises which you can follow and incorporate in your workout routine.

Triceps Push Down
grow arms fast

Triceps push down one of the best exercises for triceps muscles. It can be done using a rope attachment, straight rod attachment, or a v bar attachment.

  • Keep the movement slow and controlled.
  • Make sure that only your arm is moving and not the shoulders.
  • Do not make the weight so heavy that you have to swing your shoulders.

I prefer doing with the rope attachment because it gives a constant load and tension on the triceps muscles and also helps to isolate it.

Close grip bench press
A lot of people didn't know this exercise thinking that it is a chest exercise. But this variation using the close grip can grow your triceps intensively. 

It puts an intense load on the triceps and helps to grow the long head of the triceps.

Overhead dumbbell extension
This exercise works great on your triceps. You can even overload in this exercise as you progress. The form must be correct and controlled. 

An overhead extension is done with a single dumbbell. Pick a lightweight to start, and switch to a heavier weight once you get used to the form.

Triceps dips
grow arms fast

Although being an under rated exercise, triceps dips can prove significantly important. You can do them normally or by adding weights according to your capacity.

They can also be done on the dips machine.

These are a great movement for growing the triceps muscles. You can perform it on an incline bench or on a bent-over position to isolate the triceps.


There is nothing to say about it as it is the favorite muscle of almost 90% gym-goers. People love to train and grow biceps fast. Big biceps look good on an aesthetic physique. 

Biceps has two parts: a short head and long head. You should focus on both to grow your overall biceps muscle and how to grow arms. We will talk about exercises for both the heads.

Barbell curls
grow arms fast

Being one of the oldest and primary exercises for biceps, it is still favorite of most of the gym-goers. It is as effective as it looks. Try to progressive overload in this exercise, which is increasing the weight to a little extent every 2 to 3 weeks.

While doing exercise, it’s important to keep your back straight and avoid swinging your body, except for your arms. The biceps should work and pull the load rather than the whole body.

Hammer curls
grow arms fast

It is one of the best exercises for the long head of the biceps and has been one of my favorites. It helps to increase the overall mass in the biceps and makes it look larger. 

It also helps to work the upper forearms subsequently. You can progressive overload in this easily. This exercise can give you a great pump.

Incline dumbbell curls
Incline dumbbell curls work great for the long head and helps to grow biceps fast. 

As the muscles remain behind your body, it works on the muscles from a different angle. 

It is a must to hit the muscles from every angle to grow it effectively.

Try this exercise and make it slow and controlled and feel the tension on your biceps.

Chin ups
Its a variation of the pull ups and can be a significant bodyweight movement to grow your bicep muscles. You should not swing your body.

While performing, keep your shoulders retracted and chest out. Try to do the complete movement and not half reps.

Preacher curl

how to grow arms fast

It is a very good isolation movement for the biceps. It stabilizes all other joints and helps to put the total load on the biceps. You can perform preacher curls using a barbell or dumbbell.

Cable curl
Cable curls put constant tension and load on your biceps muscles which make it an effective exercise. 

Perform slow and controlled movements of 3-4 sets of 10 reps each. 

Pick a weight that is not too heavy and avoid moving your elbows and shoulders.

The 21 REPS set

grow arms fast

This is a set that involves 21 reps of 7 each. The movement is done similar to a barbell curl.
  1. During the first 7 reps, the movement is done from the bottom position to the middle position.
  2. During the next 7 reps, the movement is from the mid position to top level contraction.
  3. The last 7 reps include doing the full movement as done during a barbell curl.
You will surely feel a great pump just after doing 1 set of 21.
Include 3 sets of this exercise in your arms routine.


Supersets are the answer to how to grow arms by putting intensive load and increasing the intensity. Supersets involve doing two different sets of exercises simultaneously without any rest. 

It helps to increase the intensity of your exercise and workout and thus helps in increasing muscle gains. 

By doing it you can without much of a stretch cut the time you need in the gym significantly. 

In the event that doing arms the ordinary way takes me around 40 minutes, I can slash it down to 20 minutes by using supersets training each activity.

This is the arms superset you can follow from my recent post:

  • Barbell curl (3 sets, the last set being the drop set)
  • Skull crushers (3 sets, the last set being the drop set)
  • Inclined dumbbell curl & Triceps push down with rope attachment (3 sets)
  • Hammer curls & Triceps overhead extension with dumbbells (3 sets)
  • Preachers curls & Reverse grip triceps pushdown (3 sets)
  • Spider curls & Kickbacks dumbbell (3 sets)


grow arms fast

Drop sets are done by starting with a particular weight, then reducing the weights as more and more reps are done. It helps the muscles to realize its full potential. 

For instance, if you start a drop set of barbell curl with 10 kgs. You do 10 reps then you lower the weight to 7.5 kg. You keep lowering until your arm gives up. 

These sets give an insane pump and can promote growth in the muscles effectively.


I have seen people training arms every day and they ask how to grow arms. I want to clarify that if you are training them every day, you are not growing them, in fact, you are damaging them. 

Our muscles need proper recovery time for at least 48-72 hours. So, never over train your arms or any muscles as they need proper recovery time. 

Make a gap of at least 2 days before training them again.
I will advise you to train arms 2-3 times per week so as to grow them fast.

Ensure proper diet
Diet is the key. Stay on track and follow your macro goals and protein goals. Without a proper diet, exercise is useless.

Ensure proper sleep
Sleep well enough for at least 8 hours. It is the time when your arms muscles will recover. Proper sleep will promote growth and recovery and you will gain muscle size.

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