Best post workout meal options

If you are into fitness and workouts, you must be looking forward to achieving an aesthetic physique. If you look good, you will feel good about yourself, resulting in a boost in confidence. 

To develop good aesthetics, you must start to workout and follow a good diet. Today, we will discuss best post workout meal options and what should you eat after doing a workout

Best post workout meal

Diet is the key to fitness. So, after a heavy and intense workout session, you must provide your body with some good nutrition so as to recover and grow. Post workout nutrition is very vital for it. 

It's the window when your body is craving nutrition. You have depleted your body's fuel. Now to help it to grow, you must provide it the best post workout meal. A proper meal will help you to: -

  • Enhance the muscle recovery process
  • Replenish lost fuels and glycogen stores
  • Increase muscle protein synthesis (growth)
  • Recover your energy

After a workout, your body needs protein for muscle recovery. Thus, your meal must consist of some good sources of proteins with all amino acids. Then, to replenish the glycogen stores, you will need carbohydrates.


It is the main macro that you will need after an intense workout session. It is the muscle-building macro which will enhance your muscle gains and growth. You can get it from a variety of sources like:

post workout foods

Eggs are the best post workout meal in the world. Eggs contain all the required amino acids. It is one of the cheapest sources of protein in the world. 

You can get 6 gms of protein in a medium-sized egg which can be purchased for as low as 5-6 rs. You can eat eggs as per your requirement of the day. For instance, 6 egg whites will give you 24 gms. 

An egg white contains generally 4 gms of protein. You can have them boiled, or cook them in low oil as you wish. Its your call. All that matters is you are completing the goals of the day.

Chicken breast
It is a great source of lean protein making it a best post workout meal option. You can get 30 gms of protein in a cooked 100 gms of chicken breast. 

Nowadays, diet cafes are also selling boiled chicken breasts as a great post workout option. But, it's best if you can cook it yourself from the budget point of view.

Paneer can be one of the best sources if you are a vegan. I have also written an article on the best sources of vegetarian foods. In 100 gms of paneer, you can get 14-18 gms of good proteins.

You can eat it with bread as a sandwich and it can be a complete post workout option and tasty too.

Protein shake
You can make a shake as a best post workout meal. If you use whey, its best, but I will tell you a non whey option too.

You can replace the whey with Protein X: Protein Shake Recipe
A good shake can provide you 25-30 gms easily.

Low fat milk
Milk, as we all know, is a source for us from childhood days. 100 ml of milk can give you around 4 gms of protein.

You can make it flavored by using protein x, whey, or any other flavoring agent according to your preference and macro goals. I hope you have calculated your daily macro goals if you are into fitness, if not do it here: Calculating Your Macros

Greek yogurt
post workout foods
It is a good source and also a great post workout option.
100 gms of greek yogurt gives around 10 gms of protein.

Protein bar
Now a days, bars are a very convenient source of best post workout meal available in the grocery stores very easily. You can have it as your post workout meal. It can give 10, 15, or 20 gms of protein depending on the size and brand.

Peanut butter
Peanut butter is a good source of some healthy fats. It can be a good post workout meal and can be a gem to those who are looking forward to gain some weight (skinny guys).


The body's glycogen stores are used as a fuel while working out, and having carbs after your workout helps replenish them.

Your glycogen stores are used according to the level of activity performed. If you perform a very high-intensity workout, you will need more carbs to replenish the stores.

post workout foods

An oatmeal, being a very popular dish associated with fitness, is one of the best post workout meal. Complex carbs are better than simple carbs as they are absorbed by the body very slowly and provide energy for a longer time. 

Also, they have a less chance to make you fat as compared to some refined sources like maida. You can make oatmeal and top it up with some dry fruits, seasonal fruits, peanut butter etc according to taste and preference.

Whole wheat breads
I myself prefer eating whole wheat bread due to its vast availability and easy to prepare nature. You can make your slices by applying some peanut butter, or any spreads you like (check the fat amount if you are following a weight loss routine).

Mashed and seasoned potatoes are a great source of carbs to replenish glycogen stores. They are very easy to prepare and are vastly available all over the markets, one of the best post workout meal.

They are one of the very widely consumed source in India. Due to its wide availability and cheap nature, it makes up a great carb source for a meal option. 

They provide around 25-30 gms of healthy carbs nutrition. You can eat one or two bananas after your workout as a meal with some protein sources.

It can be consumed as a carbs source if possible after a workout. As in Indian homes, it is widely cooked, it can be a good option too.


Many people assume that eating fats after a workout slows down digestion and hampers growth. It may be a good thing to limit the amount of fat you eat after workouts, but having some fat in your post-workout meal will not hamper your recovery.

Peanut butter

post workout foods

As said earlier, they can be a great source of healthy fats along with protein. I would suggest to go for a natural unsweetened peanut butter. Its easily available online now a days.

It contains some healthy fats and can be consumed as a best post workout meal.


Don't forget to hydrate after a workout. We sweat during workouts and it is very important to replenish the water levels. Water is beneficial to our bodies in several ways.


There is nothing hard and fast rule, but I will suggest you to have a post workout meal within 1 hour of your workout. It will help your body to start the recovery process faster and promote growth.


  1. Protein shake with 2 bananas
  2. Eggs with 2 slices of whole wheat bread
  3. Paneer sandwich
  4. Mashed potatoes with Greek yogurt
  5. Grilled chicken breast with sauteed veggies
  6. Oatmeal along with whey
  7. Low fat milk with bananas
  8. Protein bar and peanut butter toasts


These were some ideas for best post workout meal. Hope you got some value from this article

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