5 Best Exercises to Lose Fat Fast

People often think in order to lose weight, they just need to keep running on treadmill for hours. This is not the case, there are the best exercises to lose fat much more faster than running and also help you tone and build muscles at the same time. 

Pair these with a healthy diet and you will start seeing results yourself! I am going to list the 5 top exercises and some tips which will help to burn calories at a much higher rate. Go ahead and fire up your fat loss journey!

(I) Deadlifts

best exercises to lose fat

One of the major powerlifting exercises in many competitions, deadlfits, are a huge calorie burner! It is a compound movement which engages many muscle groups in the body and triggers fat loss by burning a hell lot of calories. 

It also helps to increase your metabolism and stimulate muscle gains. When you will get used to the movement and start increasing weights over weeks, you will feel the difference yourself.

It is a great movement to lose fat and build muscles of back, legs, core and traps muscles. In fact, you can say that it is an exercise that works the whole body. I listed the major muscles although a lot more are worked during this exercise. 

Why avoid such a beneficial exercise that can develop your whole body? It is often judged as an expert or high level exercise. But, all that matters is practicing and learning the correct technique. Then, anyone can perform it and take the advantage!

You can perform it in a rep range of 5-8 reps. Do not perform deadlifts more than 2 times a week otherwise the muscles won't be able to recover properly. Some of the variations are:

Conventional deadlift
It is the most common forms of deadlift which you often see people doing at gyms. The legs are placed generally shoulder width apart and the hands just outside the legs.

Sumo deadlift
It is a variation in which the feet is at a wider stance and the hands are placed inside. It is said that this variation allows you to lift heavy weights.

Romanian deadlift
Also called the stiff leg deadlift, its main focus lays on the hamstrings contrary to the other movements that focus more on the lower back. The bending in this movement is mainly done using the upper body and not the legs.

Snatch grip deadlift
In this best exercises to lose fat, the hands are at a much wider position than the legs. It is a type of Olympic lift which mainly focuses on the hamstrings.

I will suggest to begin with the conventional one and practice it thoroughly as it is the basic version out of all and I have been doing it myself from quite a time. You can do it along with back workouts or leg workouts

I prefer to do it on back days as it helps to keep the heavy lifts divided. As on the other case, if you do it on leg days, it will become more taxing along with the weighted squat movements.

(II) Weighted Squats

lose fat fast

It is one of the best compound exercises to perform which helps in developing the lower body and overall strength in an individual. This exercise burns up to 200 calories in 15 minutes. Now you can do the math, which is better, running endlessly on treadmill or doing strength training. 

It helps to train the leg muscles along with some upper back muscles. Start your leg day with weighted squats as it is a heavy lift and requires much energy. Always ensure proper form in this exercise before progressive overloading.

  • Legs should we open a bit wider than the shoulder width
  • Toes should be pointing outwards
  • Chest should be out and back straight

Try to do at least 8 to 12 reps. If you don't have proper trainers, try to learn the proper form using YouTube videos. Perform the squats in front of mirror so as to keep check on the form.

(III) Burpees

best exercises to lose fat

Burpee is one of the best exercises to lose fat which uses various muscles and also benefits as a cardio movement at the same time. Thus, it is often included in a HIIT training session. It helps to increasing the heart rate and thus speed up your calorie burn process. 

Also, it helps to improve the flexibility of the body. Researches show that they even help to boost the metabolism which in turn results in more calorie burning throughout the day. If you are looking for a home workout to help you lose fat fast, this is your choice.

  • Overall fat loss and reduce belly fat
  • No need of equipments
  • No gym membership required
  • Improve flexibility
  • Strength building in chest, arms, shoulders, legs and abs muscle.

(IV) Skipping

best fat loss exercise

Skipping is a cardio exercise which can help you burn calories and lose fat. It is a full body workout and may burn up to 100 calories in 10 minutes. Apart from being on our list of best exercises to lose fat, it will help to:
  • Enhance lung capacity
  • Improve stamina
  • Strengthen the core
  • Build endurance
  • Helps build calves
  • Improves body balance
  • Helps reduce belly fat

(V) Battle rope

best exercises to lose fat

Feeling low on energy before a workout or feeling sleepy? Try this intense exercise and it will fire you up. I am talking about battle rope which is found in almost every gym now a days in the cardio section. Include all the variations like long waves, short waves, side thrusts etc. 

Do it for 30 seconds and then take rests. Repeat for 3-4 sets and you will be sweating like anything. It boosts the metabolism and the heart rate and leaves you sweating. It is a great movement to burn calories fast and quick and also reduce belly fat.


Lift heavy
Heavy can have different meaning for different individuals. 50 kgs of squats can be heavy for someone and light for another. You have to lift heavy according to your capacity and not by seeing others. When a particular weight becomes too easy to lift, increase it. Pick a weight by which you can perform a rep range between 6-12.

Include supersets
Supersets make the workout a high intensity one by minimizing the amount of rest between two different sets of exercises. It will help you to burn a greater amount of calories in a short span of time.

Increase the intensity
Do not spend hours in the gym. Make your workout within 45-60 mins and keep the intensity high. Take little rests and keep your heart rate elevated rather than using phone or chit-chatting with fellow friends.

Cardio after strength training
Always try to complete the strength training first and then include some cardio at the last of the workout. It will help to use the main energy at the beginning in your major compound lifts. I advice to incorporate 15-20 minutes cardio after workout. It can be running or cycling as you wish.

Diet - The key
Stay on a caloric deficit diet high on protein for achieving fat loss. Include fiber rich foods and complex carbs and reduce sugary foods like desserts etc which do nothing but make you fat. Stay hydrated!


These were the list of 5 best exercises to lose fat that you must do in order to lose weight.

Hope you liked it and if you did, do not forget to share this post with your friends on their fitness journey. 

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