How to get a V shaped muscular back?

V shaped muscular back

It looks great to have a V shaped muscular back, right? A men’s muscular and fit physique is incomplete without a proper cut v shape back. It gives a broad look to the physique and gives a great impression. 

The V shape comes mostly from your back muscles. So, to build that v shape, you guys have to focus on building your back muscles. Also, it is important to make the waist look smaller by cutting fat out.

If you compare two guys with the same amount of muscles and fat, the one with broader shoulders and a slim waist always appears stronger. 

That's why I came out with this workout plan - especially focused on your back and shoulders to get that v-shaped torso faster. 

So, start using this plan today - to build a V-shaped back and a more good looking physique.


v shaped back

I must say this, pullups are the key to getting a v shaped muscular back. It had been an all time back builder exercise and still ranks among one of the best exercises. 

Pullups targets your lats better than any other exercise. They also develop your biceps, being the secondary muscle for any back workout, forearms and traps. 

There are also variations to it:
  • Pullups - The classic pullup is performed with palms facing away from you. Works the lats, traps, and forearms.
  • Chinup - It is performed with the palms facing you. This slight difference in grip really hits the biceps more.

How to start doing pullups?

> To start doing pullups if you are a beginner, it is best to start by just hanging on the bar. For some days, just try to hang on the bar for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then, try to start pulling yourself up by keeping your core tight. 

If you are unable to do this, you can take the help of a supporter who will assist you to go up, then try to come down slowly by yourself.

> As you get stronger, pullups will become too easy. To keep getting stronger and keep your workouts more effective, you will need to add resistance. 

You can do so by adding some weights to your pullups. Wear a belt and attach some plate weights to it according to the capacity and then perform the pullups to develop a v shaped muscular back.


v shaped back

Lat pulldowns is a great movement for the development of the upper back. This movement helps in isolating the back muscles, so you can focus specifically on them without tiring out the biceps or triceps.


Using Your Forearms
Be sure your forearms are not working; you want to work your back not forearms. Try to pull with your elbows and contract the back at the bottom position for that V shaped muscular back.

Using Momentum
As with most weighted exercises, perform the pulldown slowly and controllably. Doing it fast uses momentum and reduces the load on the targeted muscles. Do not swing your body to pull heavy weights.

Shoulders working
Many people roll their shoulders while performing the movement which puts unnecessary load on the shoulder joint. Always keep your shoulder blades retracted and chest out.


v shaped back

Being one of the major compound lifts and one of the three lifts in the powerlifting competitions, it is an exercise that helps to develop your whole body’s muscles. 

It will help you build a v shaped muscular back.

It is one of the 3 power lifting movements, along with the squat and bench press.

Main muscles worked during a deadlift:-

  1. Back
  2. Legs
  3. Traps
  4. Abs
  5. Arms
The deadlifts are the best exercise for your back. Combine it with the other exercises I am listing and you don’t need anymore to build a v-shape back. Go heavy on these and you can build a muscular physique very fast.

It is a very intense exercise and can build V shaped muscular back when performed correctly with accurate form. Never increase weights before achieving the perfect form in the deadlift. First focus on perfecting the form, then add loads to the deadlifts.

Important points:-
  1. Back must be neutral and straight.
  2. Core should be tight.
  3. Take a deep breath at the bottom and hold it while pulling the weight, then exhale.
  4. Feet should be close enough to the barbell.
  5. Hips should rise with the body and NOT BEFORE.
  6. Do not overarch the back at the top position.
  7. Perform a uniform explosive movement at one go.
  8. Keep chest out and tight and retract your shoulder blades before lifting.


Barbell Rows are a great movement for developing upper back and thus get your desired V shaped muscular back. 

The barbell bent-over row is a compound exercise used to build strength and size in mainly the upper back. 

It mainly targets the lats in the back.


  • Builds both back muscles’ size and strength
  • You can easily increase the weights in this
  • Effective to get the v shaped back shape

Form is very important with the barbell row to get a v shaped muscular back, and the best way to prevent bad form is to pick the right choice of weight. Slow and controlled movements are the most important.


v shaped back

Shoulder muscles also play a major role in giving a broader look to the body and thus enhances the v shape. Broad shoulders look great and gives a muscular feel to the upper body. One of the greatest movements for shoulder muscles is the shoulder press.

  • Builds shoulder muscle and strength
  • Hits the front and middle delts of the shoulder
  • Triceps are developed too

Variations: It can be performed with dumbbells or barbell to give a variation to the workout.


For the v shaped muscular back, the waist should be slim. Here, the role of abs exercises come into play. These exercises can be done twice a week along with other body parts. 

There is no need of rigorous abs exercises because it’s a muscle which is trained with many other workouts. For example, deadlifts, squats help in developing ab muscles to a great extent.

Exercises for abs:

Crunches (upper abs)
Lie on a mat, in a crunch position, curl the body up slowly, and exhale forcibly at the top of the movement. Return to starting position slowly and controllably, focusing on the abs only.

Knee raises (lower abs)
It can be done on the floor or on the dips machine. Bring the knees up and exhale and feel the contraction on the lower abs muscles to hustle for that v shaped muscular back.

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