Is Getting Fit Expensive? Low Budget Plan

Let's talk about the cost and financial aspect of bodybuilding today in this blog. People often think that bodybuilding and being fit is a luxury aspect of life. They misunderstand it as being "expensive". Today we are going to take into consideration some vital points on how to build muscles on a low budget.

Is getting fit expensive

Myth: A fit and decent physique cannot be achieved without the use of expensive supplements.

This misconception must be dealt with and removed from people's minds. Being fit is not about how much money one spend on buying supplements. A decent physique can be maintained without buying or spending on any supplements. One just has to take care of the macros in their daily diet plan. 

Its all about how well you balance your macros, ie, protein carbs and fats. One has to know that protein, being the most vital macro for a fit body, has to be taken extra care of.
I have already written a detailed post about how to calculate and balance your macros which can be found here.

For bodybuilding you just need two things:-
  1. Proper diet and nutrition
  2. Effective training
In India, an individual can join a non fancy gym for as low as 500 bucks.
I can give you ideas of how you can substitute expensive nutritious supplements in the market with nutritious diet made by you, with a little bit of your effort. 
Examples of some protein rich foods at home. How to gain muscles naturally without spending money?
  1. You can make boiled chicken at home.
  2. You can boil eggs and garnish it with some coriander leaves and a little bit of seasoning, black pepper, salt.
  3. Apart from this, there are hell lot of more options which you can consider like going for paneer, tofu, soya, rajma, and all sorts of lentils also fulfils vitamin foods.
  4. You can go for a chickpea salad which can make up your breakfast or an evening snack.
  5. If you guys want to learn more about vegetarian bodybuilding stay tuned and subscribe through the button given on the right sidebar so as to you receive an email as soon as I upload a post. I am thinking to upload a vegetarian diet plan too soon.

Should you buy mass gainer supplements?

Hell, no. I have seen a lot skinny guys to go for weight gainers and mass gainer which are considered a total waste of money. I mean seriously? You guys are paying for the most abundantly and cheapest source of macro available throughout the country which is carbohydrates. Mass gainers are nothing but a load of carbohydrates. 

Carbohydrates can be easily consumed through white rice, chapatis, potato, bread, oats, banana. You just have to Google some good source of carbohydrates. So it is always considered a good option to spend on your diet through natural sources rather than going for expensive supplements. 

We do not have to copy actors and models in our life to have a fit body. It is often seen that the people you are considering as idle or referring, are competing at stages. Unless and until you want to go for a competition like kai greene, the natural sources are enough to fulfill your needs.

I would not stop someone having a good budget to go for supplements because obviously they can give a good boost to your diet plan and they can be convenient too. But I just want to tell that it is not a necessity for someone desiring to achieve a good physique. One can build decent and muscular physique without the use of these supplements. 

In case you are having some extra bucks, I would always suggest to go for a whey protein rather than mass gainers.
If you want to go for a whey protein and you are low on budget you can opt of for unflavoured whey protein. These unflavoured protein are cheaper than the flavoured ones. One can add flavouring agents like bournvita etc to make it taste exactly like the flavoured ones.

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