How to make a healthy Protein shake?

Today, I will share the recipe of a high calorie healthy Protein shake. It can be a great option for breakfast, meal replacement or post workout shake.

Protein Shake


Milk-200 ml
Oats-30 gms
Peanut Butter-1 tbsp
Cinnamon powder-1/4 tsp
Honey (optional)
Whey Protein-1 scoop


1. Add oats, cinnamon powder, almonds, whey Protein to a mixer and mix for 1-2 minutes until the mixture becomes fine.
2. Add milk, banana, peanut butter, honey and mix again.

  • That’s it; your healthy Protein shake is ready to be consumed. The thickness can be moderated by adding water into milk in proportions accordingly. Also it can be a great post workout option as after a workout our body needs well balance of healthy carbs and Protein.
  • This shake is a high calorie option and can provide a well balance of macros to fit into your diet plan. If you are a skinny guy and cannot eat much food to gain weight, always try to opt for shakes as they provide a lot of calories in a single go.

Helps gain weight (for skinny individuals)
Protein shakes helps to take a hell lot of calories at once, which if consumed separately are difficult to eat. So, it can be a great help for those who are aiming to gain weight and build muscles and having difficulty to complete their daily calorie surplus.

Helps in making feel full
People trying to get in shape regularly skip the morning meal and wind up consuming snacks in between. To prevent this, nutritionists advice having shakes made with healthy ingredients according to your daily macros to make feel full for a while.

Controls Cravings
Protein rich foods are known to satisfy the cravings and hunger the most of all macros. They are a basic crunch of the healthy breakfast. A great deal of Protein alongside numerous supplements satisfies cravings and gets you far from eating unhealthy snacks or side meals.

Help In Digestion
The fiber provided by these beverages make the advantages of having a flavorful breakfast as well as benefit digestion.

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