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As we are all stuck at home due to lockdown and we cannot compromise our fitness due to the same, we can start doing home workouts and maintain our health at least for the sake. 

These lockdown exercises can come handy at times when you can’t afford or do not have time to hit the gym. 

Today, I am going to list down some best home workout exercises which you can do anywhere without use of any type of equipment. 

Although, if you are a regular gym-goer, things may change after you hit the gym after doing these lockdown exercises and you will experience some loss of strength levels. 

However, it’s for sure that if you do these workouts daily, you will always be ahead of those who are not at all working out. After all, “Something is better than nothing.”


best home workout

Starting Position
Start with hands placed a little more than shoulder width apart on the floor and up on your toes, so that your body is supported, keeping your body as straight as possible.

INHALE: While going down.
EXHALE: While coming upwards.

Don't lock elbows out completely during the movement. Look straight and keep spine in a neutral position while performing the sets.

Normal: Targets chest mainly.
Close hands: Targets triceps more.

Muscles worked
1) Chest (Primary)
2) Triceps
3) Anterior Shoulder
4) Core

1. Chest and Triceps development

The push up is one of the best lockdown exercises to develop the chest, triceps, and front shoulder. 

You can add weights, pauses, and other variations to increase the intensity.

2. Increase Upper Body Strength

Pushups help to build upper body strength. Push up can also help increase your bench press and overhead press.

3. Core Stability

The push up help improve core stability which will improve your capacity to lift in the other pressing movements.


best home workout

Next in our best home workout series is squats. A squat is a strength exercise to develop the leg muscles mainly.

Muscles worked
1) Thighs (quadriceps & hamstrings) 
2) Glutes

  • Breathe in and push your hips back
  • Keep the back straight, chest and shoulders uptight
  • Keep going down until you are parallel with the ground

  • Get Rid of Fat
Squats are good lockdown exercises that burn fat and they can help you get fitter. It helps in building muscles also.

  • Build leg muscles
Squats will also help you strengthen your leg muscles such as quads.

  • Squats improve Circulation
One of the major advantage of squats is that they improve the blood circulation. A healthy flow of blood and regular stretching of the muscles help deliver more nutrients to the important organs of the body.


Triceps dips are a great bodyweight exercise and one of the best home workout that can build arm and shoulder strength. 

This simple exercise can be done almost everywhere. You can use it as part of an upper body strength workout in this lockdown exercises series.

Muscle worked

The triceps dip is one of the most great exercises for developing the triceps.

Equipment Needed
Chair or bench


best home workout

Muscles worked
Abdominals and core muscles


  • Improved core definition and performance
Plank is a core strengthening exercise. It engages all your core muscles at a time while performing the movement.

  • Improved flexibility
These lockdown exercises stretches your shoulders, hamstrings and other muscles and strengthens them. Indirectly, they will improve your flexibility which is a major indicator of fitness and one's aesthetics.

  • Balance
Planks as one of the lockdown exercises help you balance your body on your elbows and toes. It is that point where you can rotate in any direction; basically a point where your body weight is the balanced proportionally.


If you have ever gone to a gym, you’ve probably wasted time waiting for equipment or settled for another activity because the one you were to take was full. 

One of the major benefits of exercising at home is that you never have to wait for equipment or space, so your workout won’t lose pace.

Every gym seems to have fitness idiots who are thriving to help you with their unnecessary tips. 

They’re difficult to avoid at the gym, but they will never cross your path if you follow this best home workout.

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