Arm superset workout for muscle mass

  • Barbell curl (3 sets, last set being the drop set)
  • Skull crushers (3 sets, last set being the drop set)
  • Inclined dumbbell curl & Triceps push down with rope attachment (3 sets)
  • Hammer curls & Triceps overhead extension with dumbbells (3 sets)
  • Preachers curls & Reverse grip triceps push down (3 sets)
  • Spider curls & Kickbacks dumbbell (3 sets)

Arm superset workout

What Is A Superset?

A superset is a form of training in which we perform two different exercise sets with no rest in between. It is used to combine two different sets of activities. For instance, training biceps and triceps together.

Benefits of Superset Training

They save you time
If an exercise sets takes you around 40 minutes, you can slash it down to 20 minutes by using supersets training activity. While you are doing a lot of one exercise, the other muscle you are going to hit directly after is resting.

Supersets give you a great pump
As it is an intense type of training without any rest, it helps to increase the blood flow and gives you an insane pump!

Supersets don’t have lack of variety. You can choose any muscle groups with any ones. We can do two different muscles of the body. The option is with us.

They keep the intensity high
Supersets are very intense. Before the finish of one superset,  you will be exhausted and sweating heavily. 

They boost your cardio
Like I said above, supersets are intense. They are a blend of both lifting loads and doing cardio. Because of the way that you are doing such huge numbers of reps in such a short measure of time, your heart will feel like it will come out of your chest. 

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