Best sources of protein rich foods for Vegetarians

There is a myth that vegetarians cannot build muscles. It is all about how you complete your macros and fit it to your daily diet plan. The main thing is taking a well balanced diet and completing your daily macro nutrition requirement from overall healthy sources. It doesn't matter whether the sources are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. All that matters is whether you are able to complete your diet goals or not.

Today I am going to share vegetarian foods which can help you complete your overall protein goals:-


Nutritional facts per 100 Grams

Calories      345
PROTEIN   52 g – Yes, this is true !!
Fats            0.5 g
Carbs          33 g
Vegetarian protein foods

A Complete Protein Source 
Soy is a thick protein source and in this manner, soy protein benefits the veggie lovers and vegetarians as much as it benefits the non vegetarian people. It has all the basic amino acids and it thus makes soy protein benefits the best undoubtedly. Soy protein is the super nourishment as it has the entire 9 fundamental amino acids.

Very cheap
Soya chunks can be bought at a price for as low as Rs 40 (200 grams box). This is one of the cheapest protein sources which can be consumed. For as low as Rs 20, you can get 52 grams of protein.

Improves Metabolism
Soybeans are a vital sources of protein. Adequate measure of proteins in the body helps in keeping up appropriate metabolic capacities and the general framework gets a significant lift. Proteins are the structure squares of cells and veins and are fundamentally a basic piece of the human body. Proteins from soybeans guarantee the correct wellbeing and regrowth of cells on the off chance that they should be fixed. Soybeans give a great substitute to the proteins obtained from red meat, chicken, eggs, dairy items, and fish and gives the necessary protein nourishment, particularly to the veggie lovers.

How much to consume on a daily basis?

A healthy individual can easily consume 100-150 grams of soya chunks on a regular basis or you can make it alternate days as per your own choice.


Nutritional facts per 100 Grams

Calories      265
PROTEIN   18 g
Carbs          2 g
Fats            20 g
Vegetarian protein foods

Paneer is one of the best sources of protein for vegans. It is full of healthy protein and can give you a decent amount of calories along with great taste.

Great protein source
Maybe basic information at this point, yet paneer is a decent source of protein particularly for vegans who don't get their requirements from meat items. 100 gm of paneer yields around 18 gm of protein which is useful for individuals who weight train as they need protein for muscle building and fix. Aside from this, proteins are stacked with a wide scope of medical advantages.

Keeps cravings for food under control
Since paneer is made of protein, it discharges vitality gradually in the body which implies, it doesn't cause a spike in one's glucose levels, nor does it give a moment help which drops soon. It keeps one satisfied for long in the wake of eating it which is the reason it very well may be utilized as night bite to execute those cravings for food.

Strong bones and teeth
Paneer likewise has calcium separated from protein. This aides in building more strong teeth and bones. In spite of the fact that it is a milk item, it is better than milk with regards to sustenance. Having a similar measure of milk and protein will yield more nourishment from paneer, the main hitch being, you will allow more calories from it as well. You can incorporate these nourishments, aside from milk and milk items in your eating regimen for more beneficial teeth.

How much to consume on a daily basis?         

A healthy individual can easily consume 100-150 grams of paneer on a regular basis or you can make it alternate days as per your own choice.


Nutritional facts per 50 Grams

Calories                180
Protein                 13g 
Fats                      0.50g
Carbohydrates      30g

Vegetarian protein foods

Lentils are a great protein source for all. They contain a very good amount of protein and offer a very low calories. So it can go well with people trying to lose some weight.

How much to consume on a daily basis?

It is good to consume 1 bowl of cooked lentils daily.


Nutritional facts per 100 Grams

Protein                  3.4 g
Total Fat              1 g
Carbs                   5 g
Vegetarian protein foods

When to consume milk?
So as to build muscles, any open doors the body needs to fix and develop should be optimized. Milk contains casein protein which is a slow digesting protein.
The best time to consume it is during night when the body is under recovery mode and it needs slow and steady supply of protein to do the muscle recovery.


Nutritional facts per 100 Grams

Calories                364
Protein                 19 g
Total Fat              6 g
Carbs                   61 g
Vegetarian protein foods

High protein content
Chickpeas are a great source of plant-based protein, making them an accurate food option for those who do not eat meat products. Recent studies have suggested that the quality of the protein in chickpeas is better than that of other types of legumes.

May Help You Manage Your Weight
Chickpeas have several properties that may help you control your weight.

Benefits Digestion
Chickpeas are full of fiber content, which has several proven benefits for digestive health and our stomach health.

Chickpeas are super cheap to include in your diet. They are quite affordable and convenient. Most grocery stores have an availability of chickpeas. They can be cooked in different varieties of dishes and are super tasty to eat.


Nutritional facts per 100 Grams

Calories                333
Protein                 24 g
Total Fat              0.8 g
Carbs                   60 g
Vegetarian protein foods

India's relationship with quite hot plate of “rajma chawal” is known by all. A filling dinner, an instant mood lifter, rajma rice implies such a great amount to such huge numbers of individuals the nation over. They are accessible in numerous sorts - white, cream, dark, red, purple, spotted, striped and mottled. They are a significant source of plant-based protein and pack various medical advantages that makes certain to make you a fan (in the event that you are not one that is).

Super high In Protein
Vegans and veggie lovers regularly wind up in a lack of alternatives with regards to protein sources. As indicated, a 100-gram serving of crude kidney beans contain around 24 grams of protein. Kidney beans alpng with rice are named as the total protein supper. Leaving soy and quinoa, plant-based protein sources like beans, nuts and entire grains are unequipped for giving you your necessary fill of protein. Yet, they can be joined with different nourishments to finish your arrangement of proteins.

Useful For Digestion
Kidney beans contain a healthy blend of both dissolvable and insoluble fiber. Fiber assists with advancing great stomach related wellbeing and inside normality.

Useful For Diabetics
A great piece of kidney beans are carbs. In any case, don't you fret as of now. The carbs present in kidney beans are the acceptable sorts, otherwise called the 'moderate discharge sugar'. These carbs postpone the processing, which helps moderate arrival of sugars in the circulation system. Kidney beans have a low glycaemic list (29), which makes it a perfect nourishment for diabetics


Nutritional facts per 100 Grams

Calories                588
Protein                 25 g
Total Fat              50 g
Carbs                   20 g

Rich in healthy fats
Fats are very essential source of macro for our body. A person although being obese, cannot ignore fat intake. The important factor is that you have to take fat from healthy sources. Fats have major advantage for our body one of them is boosting testosterone which helps in muscle building. 
Peanut butter is great source of healthy fats which our body requires on a day to day basis.

Help in weight gain for skinny guys
Also peanut butter is a great source of high calorie food which can help in weight gain and provide good amount of calories. This protein rich source provides the decent amount of calories which can help in healthy weight gain.


Tofu or soya paneer is a great option one vegan must consider to acquire his fitness goals. It is a combination of soya and paneer which yields a great food option. The benefits are same as listed above in soya bean. 
Tofu sandwich can be a great post workout meal option if you are a vegetarian.

Nutritional facts per 100 Grams

Calories                76
Protein                 8 g
Total Fat              4.8 g
Carbs                   1.9 g

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