Calculating your Macros and making diet chart

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People are often worried that how to make a diet chart or what diet to take. Today I am here to help you with this topic. I will show you how to calculate the macros and build your own protein rich diet plan/diet chart. For this you guys need to have a basic ideas of what are the main macros of your diet chart:

protein rich diet plan

Out of the three the main is the protein which helps in building lean muscle mass and cutting down fat. So here is a simple formula for the protein rich diet plan/diet chart

  • 1 gm of protein = 4 calories
  • 1 gm of carbs = 4 calories
  • 1 gm of fat = 9 calories

First visit the following website and calculate your maintenance calories by entering the details:

Then, depending upon your goal, ready to build the diet chart; goals:-
  • lose weight - start a caloric deficit, ie, consume 200-400 calories less than your maintenance calories
  • gain weight - start a caloric surplus, ie, consume 200-400 calories more than your daily requirement.
  • maintain weight - consume the calories calculated just above.

Now here's the trick for the protein rich diet chart:-
  • Protein - 2 x bodyweight in kgs 
  • fat - 25 % of overall calories
  • carbs- rest remaining calories

We will take an example to understand to make the diet chart; 
Person - 70 kgs
Daily calories requirement (example suppose) = 2000 calories

You need protein equivalent to aprox 2 gms per kg of bodyweight. Here, the person weighing 70 kgs will need 140 gms of protein daily. 

So taking the example, 140 gms protein = 140x4 = 560 calories.
Also, 25% of the calories of your daily calories must be fats,
So 25% of 2000 = 500 calories from fats (or 500/9 = 55 gms fats)

The remaining must come from carbs
ie, 2000-560-500 = 940 calories 
so 940/4 = 235 gms carbs.

This is how a person can calculate his/her daily intake requirements and build a protein rich diet plan/diet chart.

A little trick to keep your diet chart on track

I will personally suggest to order a kitchen digital weigh scale for better measurements of diet intakes and get an exact estimate of the macros.

Then, myfitness pal app can be used to record the calories and measure the intake and boost your daily diet chart.

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