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Pre workout supplements side effects
There are a numerous side effects of a pre workout supplement such as:
Pre workout supplements contain caffeine. It can lead to sleeplessness and insomnia. You can have trouble sleeping at nights due to the presence of caffeine in your body. 

There are certain ingredients in these supplements which can cause dehydration in the body by pulling out water from the muscles. 

Due to the dehydration, you can suffer from headaches and other issues. It can cause severe problems if the intake is not according to the guidelines.

What is the alternative then? 
People are always confused about what to take as a pre workout. They think that they need to buy and invest in supplements and spend a lot of money. But today, we will discuss the best pre workout you guys can take without investing any bucks.

As we all know that for workout we need energy, it is always best to go for a meal option like below.
It is not always that you need to get a supplement to get the desired results. Sometimes home remedies can serve a better option as well.

best preworkout option

Benefits of taking Coffee as a pre workout
  • Coffee Boosts Metabolism
  • Caffeine reduces sleepiness
  • Coffee Enhances Athletic Performance
  • Better Concentration During Workouts
  • Coffee Reduces Muscle Pain
  • Coffee improves circulation
  • Coffee improves endurance
  • Coffee boosts memory
  • It makes the workout more enjoyable.

best preworkout option

As the caffeine from the coffee will serve the above listed benefits, now we need a carbs source as well. For that you can consume bananas. 1 or 2 bananas are great to give a carbs boost to the body.

This can be consumed 30 mins before a workout to be used as a best pre workout option. Now get to the gym and rock the workout ! For the best workout routine to follow I have already written a post you can find here.

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